What To Do About Pinktober

This morning, I’m flying to Houston for the 4th annual Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference.  It’s a medical conference but also has a program for advocates like me.

My goal is to share key takeaways, musings and questions from each session that I attend via social media. I’ve never been to a medical conference of this type, so this goal could morph into: write down and google ALL THE WORDS!

Who knows how jargon-heavy these doctor types are at conferences.  Whatever the case, I’ll share the experience in a later blog post.   

But before I dash, I wanted to spotlight social media activism aimed at #pinkwashing

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many companies use pink ribbons or sexy images to increase their profits. There’s lots of problems with #PINKtober – men with breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer #lifers feeling ignored, just for starters.

I urge everyone to #ThinkBeforeYouPink

METAvivor was eloquent in their October 1st facebook post addressing PINKtober:

And here’s my contribution (so far) to the #WhyIsThisPink movement:

I’ll try to stay away from facebook arguments of this sort for the rest of October.  Probably a bad use of my time, but I couldn’t not call Bar Louie out on it when I saw their “party for the cure” tagline.

For better ways to avoid #PINKtober while supporting those affected by breast cancer, follow @metavivor on the social media platform of your choice or visit their website.

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